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The Eastern Light International Hotel (Donghui Guoji Dajiudian) is located 4 km (2.4 mi) from May 4th Square in central Qingdao.    Free parking and Wi-Fi in public areas are provided to guests of this hotel.    The on-site restaurant serves Chinese,  Japanese and Western cuisine. A coffee shop and lobby bar provide additional spaces for guests to relax with a drink or meet up with friends.
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住客评论 1428条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • fjdofjdo
    Very satisfied with service facilities were very good, very suitable for children.
  • summer880925
    Very good experience, and will come again and recommend
  • e00077823
    Around Nice is the hotel is old, but cost-effective.
  • Carol5566
  • greenwood
    Tourist cities like Qingdao also can look forward to it
  • abeduan
    Good, affordable price, great location, although the older, but maintenance of the line. Overall clean, probably mainly for Japan guests lots of sake, are available at the Japan national service personnel. the overall level of service was good!
  • celestrial
    To Qingdao this days most satisfaction of on number this hotel has, veteran hotel, is said to have is 90 generation of, but really see have out times of traces, Elevator of press, room of size, that era of aluminum window, are reveals thick of time of taste but, is not effect we of staying hotel is clean, service really of super good, breakfast of taste is Rod Rod da, varieties complete rich, taste better, and clean work do of also is timely side Shang walk on canWanda Plaza, it's too easy to really praise, my boyfriend even said, want to stay for breakfast and service do not go, haha well, and must remain, the next time you go ~
  • m00951418
    Hotel is quite old, bathroom large and clean.
  • DiDo Liangliang
    Hotel location good, not far Yanji road dinner of place many. but Shandong road in road, drive very hard. hotel to free upgrade has room, area big several square meters, also good. but facilities slightly old, toilet tank not Sheung Shui, sometimes have open cover lane about, bathtub water is slow, other also is good. breakfast delicious, but live two people only sent a copies breakfast, somewhat forced consumption. big bed room bed somewhat small, 1.5-meter of, almost roll down. air conditioning refrigeration effect not too good, somewhatNoisy. nice!
  • myson060210
  • pepsiboy
    Hotel? is a bit older, facilities, other no, breakfast good!
  • sujingwei
    Established Samsung, Japanese, great location, facility too old
  • Eileenwxn
    Go to Qingdao, had lived in other hotels, is too bad to the Eastern light, so much better.
  • e02361905
    It's not bad
  • cuixinyu123
    Nice hotel, breakfast also OK. for there to be booked
    Been good guests are scheduled at the hotel ... very convenient.
  • gongcao
    Qingdao hotel, anything but the service is good. Breakfast at the hotel is very good. high performance-price ratio.
  • singirlar
    Road block of the hotel entrance, access is difficult during rush hour. the hotel facilities are also a little old, breakfast is generally
  • e00826212
    Environment can, in the city centre, equipment and some old but very clean.
  • Cindy_1021
    Bathroom is too small
  • baimugui119
    Very clean, convenient, breakfast great! last night a little sadness tonight, looking forward to breakfast!
  • m00554138
    Old hotel, old facilities, but also a convenient.
  • angusbing
    Worthy of the three-star hotel, very comfortable.
  • tigerpan1974
    Well, here is very good, very satisfied
  • gendi2009
    Generally. no good I think. bathroom too small. decoration too old. can't stand the bathroom shower is the shower curtain or splash around in the water
  • baicaicai
    Hotel bad, room is small, bed also not comfortable, facilities also is old. parking Shi security on in that station with see with, not to guidelines. service quality is bad, see children has difficult, are no waiter up help, just in that station with see with, Advisory problem Shi is love answer not acting of, is no language has. around environment bad, we to of when that article road is road, travel is not convenient, each are to around to alley in only can back hotel, and is traffic. yihou not againChose this hotel.
  • tian_8001
    Good location, convenient, cost-effective high
  • alwaysC
    Stay four nights, Nice! the inconvenience how public transit!
  • GG-all 1979
    A little bit old, can also live, very comfortable!
  • July_Ma
    Hotel is a little old, Nice! the only bummer is, nine of us persons, arrangements for different floor not saying, 5-6 people were living corner room, corner rooms were very irregular, five walls, I wonder did not mean hotels!
  • BrendaSum
    We ordered 2 economy, a big bed, result after moving rooms area decorated with economy rooms, beds are 1.5. we went to the front desk to ask, the answer given is different, 15 are VIP VIP room, we asked, when will we feel different? answer; ' You may also feel it. ' I felt zero. what answer. Finally, managers feel wrong, say, you tune into the same floor, 8/f, butRoom is larger. we reluctantly agreed. finally learned from a waiter, mainly ate breakfast with different specifications.
  • e00029867
    Facilities of the older, smaller rooms.
  • angww
    Hotel location also is good, away from million up is near, go past also on 10 minutes. out is bus station. night to of, from railway station taxi came, also on 17 block money. is Shandong road has been in repair Metro, hotel door traffic compared badly. I set of is administrative big bed room, 11 period between price has, a night to more than 500 more, live has two late, more than 1000 more, didn't approach with elderly with out, environment also is is important of. hotel facilities compared complete, morning has breakfast, meals alsoVery good, convenient, don't go around buying food early in the morning. room clean, not like many of the residents said no Wify, at least the network can still in my room. health conditions can, service was good, overall satisfied with it!
  • yadon
    Room was large, the second, at the entrance road, and want to feel better, more convenient!
  • ALE clock
    Hotel breakfast was excellent, very clean lobby. room facilities are old, bathroom tub proposal removed, too dirty l
  • m00652492
    Hotel facilities, although some of the old, but good location, service, breakfast was great, near Wanda Plaza, Carrefour, very convenient. this tourist season in the summer, Eastern light ratio is high, it's wicked.
  • e00804817
    Location is OK, rooms for older, health can buffet breakfast can also
  • Aoran
    Outside the hotel is not very good, overall good.
  • mionw
    Which is very nice.
  • anson888
    Rooms are small, the facility is a bit old, it is not, the problem is the front road, bursting through the noisy chug is noisy. breakfast quite good.
  • caigaofeng
    Convenient location, friend to recommend reservations, breakfast also good.
  • BanXiong
    In addition to the price of your points and other great, very comfortable and the environment is good.
  • eltonlee
    Eating nearby is convenient, there is a street behind, but the next morning closed roads, difficult to
  • damemissyeva
    Room was a bit small, front road. good location.
  • lmc2008
    Good, clean and convenient, quiet environment around the hotel!
  • Alex303436
    Probably because there happened to be in the subway, taxi, many are unwilling to. is the library behind the hotel, nice, free, then you can go and sit.
  • aaron84724
    Clean rooms at comfortable
  • Alex-jia
    Nice prices.
  • icecream1206
    Older hotel, transportation was convenient. around the food and drink are very convenient, not noisy at night, it is critical that tub!
  • Linde
    Also, last year and this year live here